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From Alina to Zotia, find a full list of Polish Girls names and their meanings online at Polandcom.

Baby Names Unsuited for Adults. Polish names are used in the country of Poland in central Europe.

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From Alina to Zotia, find a full list of Polish Girls names and their meanings online at Polandcom.
Polish Girl Names. A collection of Polish Girl Names, Popular and Unique Polish Girl Names.
Jun 14,  · For name day-my children have requested a polish calendar which translates their name. I like the fact, that this website shows this at top of page. It was funny last night my son got a new hat (it looks like a hunting,long straps around ears,from .
Polish Girl Names. A collection of Polish Girl Names, Popular and Unique Polish Girl Names.
Polish Girl Names

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Filipina Lover of horses. Florentyna Blooming or flowering. Frania Free or from France. Gabriela Gods able-bodied one. Gabryjela Man of God or warrior of God. Genowefa Race of women. Hanna Gods given gift to the world. Helena Bright, shining light. Hilaria Cherrful or merry.

Iza God is my oath. Izabela Consecrated to God. Izabella God is my oath. Janina God is gracious. Joanka God is gracious. The Varangians brought it to Russia in the 10th century.

It was borne by two grand princes of Kiev. Famous bearers include Igor Stravinsky , a Russian composer whose most famous work is 'The Rite of Spring', and Igor Sikorsky , the Russian-American designer of the first successful helicopter.

Saint Jacenty was a 13th-century Dominican monk from Krakow who was said to have taken missionary journeys throughout northern Europe and Asia. This was the name of a 14th-century ruling queen of Poland who has recently been canonized as a saint.

Due to his popularity in the Middle Ages, the name came into general use in Christian Europe though it was never common in England. This is the spelling used in the English New Testament, where it belongs to a follower of Jesus who is regarded as a saint. In the Middle Ages in England it was used as a Latinized form of Joan the usual feminine form of John and it became common as a given name in the 19th century.

This was the name of a 17th-century Polish saint and martyr who attempted to reconcile the Catholic and Eastern Churches. Among the notable women from this family were Julia Augusta also known as Livia Drusilla , the wife of Emperor Augustus, and Julia the Elder, the daughter of Augustus and the wife of Tiberius.

A person by this name has a brief mention in the New Testament. It was also borne by a few early saints and martyrs, including the patron saint of Corsica. This was the name of the last pagan Roman emperor, Julian the Apostate 4th century. It was also borne by several early saints, including the legendary Saint Julian the Hospitaller.

This name has been used in England since the Middle Ages, at which time it was also a feminine name from Juliana , eventually becoming Gillian. She married Boleslaus V of Poland, but after his death refused to assume power and instead became a nun.

This meaning was favourable, since in ancient Rome the leaves of laurel trees were used to create victors' garlands. The name was borne by the 9th-century Spanish martyr Saint Laura, who was a nun thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors. It was also the name of the subject of poems by the 14th-century Italian poet Petrarch.

According to Slavic legend this was the name of the founder of the Polish people. During the Christian era this Greek name was merged with the Latin cognate Leo , with the result that the two forms are used somewhat interchangeably across European languages.

In England during the Middle Ages this was a common name among Jews. A famous bearer was Leon Trotsky , a Russian Communist revolutionary. The spelling was altered due to association with Latin leo "lion".

This name was common among German royalty, first with the Babenbergs and then the Habsburgs. Saint Leopold was a 12th-century Babenberg margrave of Austria, who is now considered the patron of that country. It was also borne by two Habsburg Holy Roman emperors, as well as three kings of Belgium.

Since the 19th century this name has been occasionally used in England, originally in honour of Queen Victoria's uncle, a king of Belgium, after whom she named one of her sons. Hey, My Girlfriend is really hates how american PetNames are so dull unlike the ones in poland. Anyone got a list of names? I was born here so i forgot most of my polish when i started going to school when i was little.

Don't ever call her this I don't see how anyone could suggest this and think it was funny. Polish girls do NOT take such names lightly even if it is clearly a joke. My boyfriend calls me bombel It should be "gipsiara", not "gipziara" and definitely never be used to call a woman you like.

Could somebody translate the words that have been mentioned? Always good to know what my bf is calling me..! Myszko - little mouse Muszko - little fly Misiaczku - little bear, teddy bear. I can't understand that anyone would want to be called liitle frog, fish, fly or mouse. OK probably a stupid question here I know of most of the above but why in the translations above are they all little?

GRAŻYNA: Polish name of Lithuanian origin, meaning "beautiful." HALINA: Polish form of Russian Galina, meaning "calm, tranquil." Compare with another form of Halina. Polish Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Poland from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard’s naming encyclopedia. Polish Girl Names. A collection of Polish Girl Names, Popular and Unique Polish Girl Names.