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Check your balance. Card number: * PIN code: *.

Click here for information about addressing complaints regarding our money services business, lists of our money services business licenses and other disclosures. Can my wages be garnished from unpaid copay hospital visit bills? These cards are usable in the United States and Canada.

H&M is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or unauthorized use of cards. Your purchase or use of this gift card constitutes acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.
To check the balance on your gift card, select the merchant name from the list below or type it into the space provided and you will be directed to a page with information on how to check the balance on your card.
Under the ‘Payments and delivery’ section, click the ‘Check gift card balance’ link. You will then be asked to enter your gift card number, this is the 16 digit number printed across the centre of the card.
Merchandise Credit Cards cannot be used toward the purchase of an H&M Gift Card. H&M is not responsible for lost or stolen Gift Cards or Merchandise Credit Cards. Gift Cards and Merchandise redit Cards do not expire and have no service fees.
Check your Free People gift card balance easily and quickly with our Gift Card Balance tool available here.
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Check Gift Card Balance. Enter your gift card number and PIN below.

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Search US website Search Search. Check Balance To view your available funds and transaction history, please enter the information below.

Find your PIN code

Your will find the PIN code on the back of your Gift Card or Merchandise Card. Just scratch the grey box on the back to reveal it. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service. Check the balance of your H&M gift card using one of the following methods: Call the number listed below, visit the H&M gift card balance checker on the company's website, or enquire at your closest H & M . Check your balance. Card number: * PIN code: *.